Friday, February 19, 2010

Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On
 Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

Today's children's book for I Love To Read Month is Bear Snores On.   I really like this book. I like the illustrations, the story, the cadence.  My kids like it too, so I'm sharing most of it with you today!

In a cave in the woods, in his deep dark lair, through the long, cold winter sleeps a great brown bear.  Cuddled in a heap, with his eyes shut tight, he sleeps through the day, he sleeps through the night.  The cold winds howl and the night sounds growl.
But the bear snores on.

An Itty-bitty mouse, pitter-pat, tip-toe, creep-crawls in the cave from the fluff-cold snow.

Mouse squeaks, "Too damp, too dank, too dark." So he lights wee twigs with a small, hot spark.

 But the bear snores on.

Two glowing eyes sneak-peek in the den.  Mouse cries, "Who's there?" and a hare hops in.
"Ho, Mouse!" says Hare.  "Long time, no see!"  So they pop white corn.  And they brew black tea.  Mouse sips wee slurps.  Hare burps big BURPS! But the bear snores on.

At this point several animals continue to file into Bear's cave, all joining in and contributing to the party, all the while Bear snores on.

A badger scuttles by, sniff-snuffs at the air. "I smell yummy-yums! Perhaps we can share?"

A gopher and a mole tunnel up through the floor. Then a wren and a raven flutter in through the door.

In a cave in the woods, a slumbering bear sleeps through the party in his very own lair.

Hare stokes the fire, Mouse seasons stew. Then a small pepper fleck makes the bear.....
He blows and he sneezes and the whole crowd freezes....

And the bear WAKES UP!

You've snuck in my lair and you've all had fun! But me? I was sleeping and... I have had none!"

Bear gulps. Bear gobbles. He sighs with delight. Then he spins tall tales through the blustery night.
When the sun peeks up on a crisp, clear dawn, Bear can't sleep...

But his friends snore on.

Have a great weekend!   See you next week!


Prairie Mother said...

My twin boys are 5 now and this was MY favorite book of their when they were younger. I love this series!

Anonymous said...

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kamariden said...

I LOVE this book and it is one of my boys' favorites, but I have to admit I'm disappointed with your decision to post so much of it. You have nearly the whole book posted here and it feels more like an illegal copy of the book than an actual review. Your posts on "Are You My Mother?" and "Pig at Play" were much better, with a good balance of content and review. Please consider editing this post to leave a little more surprise for the reader who decides to purchase the book (or borrow it from the library) and to respect the work of the author and illustrator.

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