Friday, February 5, 2010

How Big Is A Pig?

I realize this is the second pig book in a row, but I didn't realize until I had already picked it, read it to the kids, and blogged about it.   But hey, there are a lot of books about pigs out there! 

How Big Is A Pig?  I didn't choose this book to blog about because of the great story, life lessons, moral lessons.  I chose this book because of the pictures.  Instead of drawn or computer generated illustrations, these are made mostly with felt.  I'll just share some of the pages with you.

Some dogs are quick; some dogs are slow.  But how big is a pig?  Do you think you know?

Some hens are in; some hens are out.  But how big is a pig? What's this all about?

Some cats are wild;

some cats are tame.  But how big is a pig? Are they all the same?

Some geese are dirty; some geese are clean.  But how big is a pig? How many have you seen?

Some horses are young; some horses are old.  But how big is a pig?  Have you been told?

Some pigs are big;

some pigs are small...

But this pig is my mama and she's the biggest of us all!

The detail of this book keeps me coming back!

This page, with the wild cat, is the kids favorite :o)
I just can't help but touch the pages, expecting to feel fabric, only to feel glossy paper.


At Home with My Kiddos said...

What a cute book! I love the illustrations made out of felt. I bet the kids love to feel the pictures.

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