Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Designer In The Making

Sweet Pea's Nana got her a paper doll fashion kit. It's called "Fashion Angels   Design A Heavenly Fashion Wardrobe."  I'd love to link to it, but I can't find the exact product online.  You can hardly call them paper dolls, as they are made from heavy-duty cardboard.  Along with the dolls were over 100 patterns to use with a big stack of different types and colors of fabric, glitter paints, gems, sequins, trim ribbons, and patches.  The patterns were made from white cardstock and can be colored themselves or used to cut out the fabric into just the right shape.  Sweet Pea had so much fun with this kit, spending hours designing, cutting, glueing, and accesorizing, and none of her designs came from looking at a picture!

This is her favorite doll, I personally love this dress!
She took a basic pink leopard print and added pink glitter glue, beads, a band and star forming an empire waist, she colored the bow, and even designed a handbag!

The clothes and accesories attach with velcro.  She cut a strip of the soft part of velcro for the clothes and little pieces of the hook-part of velcro stick to the paper doll.  Like my terminology?  So she can make dozens of items for the dolls and interchange them!

Look at this doll's top.  She started with using the white tanktop pattern and then layered on a pink thing... man, what are those called?  I really like this doll's top!

No surprise here, she's been wanting to be a fashion designer when she grows up for about a year now!  She's been designing clothes with markers and paper for a long time, and it's nice that she can now take it up a notch!


Anonymous said...

Big Wow!
We hope to see her at Fashion Week, or maybe have her designs on the red carpet some day.
Sweet Pea, I really like your use of color and fun fabric choices. Very Hip. (can we still say that?)


Abby said...

Sweet Pea says, "thank you for the compliments, and no you can't say Very Hip."

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