Thursday, February 18, 2010

Temper Tantrum of Epic Proportions

Note: The following events took place on Tuesday, February 16, names have been changed to protect the innocent, and not-so-innocent.  

Babydoll was not much trouble back then!
 During the day I have 5 little ones napping after lunch... or that's the idea right?  I have never had much trouble timing things so that they all sleep at the same time, so I can have a break in my 10 hour work day.  The nap situation has been unique this past year since Little Man was born and my daycare filled back up.  Babydoll slept in her room, Little Man slept in his room, the daycare baby has been moved to several different places for naps trying to find the right spot for her, the daycare toddler has been sleeping in mine and Spencer's room for quite a while now, and the 3 year old daycare boy sleeps in the dark and cozy hallway leading to the bedrooms. 

   Well, I got tired of moving the daycare baby's portacrib around the house, and needed to find her a perminant room to nap in.  I had tried putting her in a room with Little Man but they thought it was party time in the Baby Room, so I had to scratch that idea right away.  Finally I decided to just put her crib in Babydoll/Sweet Pea's room and Babydoll could sleep in the hallway on a napmat just like her buddy. 
   The baby generally slept fine in Babydoll's room, but Babydoll?... she thought it was party time in the Hallway!  I would block Babydoll's and daycare boy's view of eachother the best I could, but she would still get up and cause her mommy to pull out her hair! (daycare boy, however, did just fine for the most part with having a nap buddy nearby).  Anyway, Babydoll would get up, make faces, goof off, I'd warn her that if she didn't lie down and go to sleep then I'd move her away from the hallway to the kitchen to sleep.  She would misbehave, and I'd move her, and she'd lose her cool and throw a fit promising to be good and listen and go to sleep (mm hmm Sweetie, I've heard that every day and just heard it from you 5 minutes ago!)  Usually she would eventually fall asleep after sometimes 2 hours of constantly getting up and goofing off, but today we didn't get that far!

Don't let the smirk fool ya, she's got spunk in her!

   Today when I moved her to the kitchen she completely and totally lost her mind!  I'm not sure she has ever thrown a tantrum like the one she did today!  Luckily this happened at the begining of naptime, so she wasn't waking anyone up.  She was screaming so loudly that someone walking up to the house would have thought her leg was being sawed off!  Tears were pouring, little fists were banging on the floor, little heels kicking the floor, her face was beet red and she was screaming as loud as she possibly could! Funny thing about me, however, is that when my children have these rediculous temper tamtrums, I react by laughing at them! I don't try to laugh, I try to be serious and ignore it, but it's so stinkin rediculous that I can't help but laugh.  So I tried to conceal my giggles while she went off the deep end.  After about 10 minutes of screaming bloody murder, and having very curious babies crawling over to see what the heck was wrong, I had to make some decisions.  I was sick and tired of her making my break time so stressfull, so I moved some little one's around!

Now there's a face I've seen recently!

   The toddler is a pretty sound sleeper so I moved her to a crib in the kitchen, knowing if I needed to get in there to say, grab lunch, I'd be able to without waking her.  Then I put the baby in my room where the toddler had been, and Babydoll went back to her room.  She didn't want to be in her room any more than she wanted to be in the kitchen and kept crying and asking to sleep in the hallway, but after a few more minutes of tears she went to sleep.  Finally she was asleep, I put the babies to bed, and before long everyone was asleep and I could FINALLY relax and enjoy a couple hours of quiet time... and even eat lunch :o)

Now, if I can just get Caribou to deliver, I'll be set!

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