Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Red Rowboat

   In case you missed why there have been so many books posted on my blog, it's because it's I Love to Read month.  I intended on posting a children's book every day in February, but that's a lot of books, and frankly, that began to sound incredibly boring, so I'll just post 2-3 of them per week. 
   Today's book is My Red Rowboat by Dana Meachen Rau.  Babydoll went through a big "My Red Rowboat" phase, we would read it multiple times each day.  This is a cute story with plenty of repetition.  It's about a boy and his dad who take a trip to the market in their red rowboat.  Every page contains the phrase, "in my red rowboat", and repetition helps young children connect with the story better.  The repetition also provides opportunities to participate in the story.  I'll share a few pages of the story with you!

We take a trip in my red rowboat.

There are ducks in the book, Babydoll looked for them on every page.  They aren't on every page, but we looked.

We row with oars in my red rowboat.

We put our food in my red rowboat.

Ooo, more ducks!


We sing some songs in my red rowboat.

I love trips with Dad in my red rowboat.

Have a great day!  Get your latest gripes ready and come back tomorrow for Why Wednesday!! 


Jeni said...

What a sweet book. I love how it is all about spending time with Dad!

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