Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kids Can Be Really Gross - second installment

This is a conversation Babydoll and I had while driving home from the cabin this weekend.

Babydoll: I've got a booger stuck in my teeth!

Me: Ew, how did it get there?

BD:  I bite it and I chewed it.

Me:  That's pretty gross honey.

~~ A few minutes later ~~

BD:  I got the booger out of my teeth!

Me:  Really?  how did you do that?

BD: I stuck my tongue in my teeth and got it out.

Me:  What did you do with it?

BD:  I swallowed it.   It tastes YUMMY!

Um yeah.... kids can be gross!


Prairie Mother said...

Yep!! Kids are gross.

Anonymous said...

My little sister once said in a dr office to my mom when she was told to quit eating her boogers. "me not eating them, me just sucking on them"
yep kids are gross.

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