Sunday, May 16, 2010

Organizing, Bouncing, Surviving, Singing, and Turtles

No time for pictures tonight, it was a busy weekend and I need to go to bed soon!  I'll post pics when I get the chance though.  We tackled our garage this weekend and started organizing what is going in my sister-in-law's garage sale, what is going to goodwill, and what is going to our town's amnesty day garbage collection.  It feels really good to get rid of stuff that's been taking up space and waiting to go to the dump or to a new home!

I started pulling up the gigantic dandilions that have invaded our flower/rock beds.  I have to get them all up so the kids and I can start planting flowers and vegetables!  I'm excited to get the kids involved in growing vegetables, hopefully it will work to make them more excited about eating veggies! 

Spencer's mom found a bouncy castle at a garage sale and we got that up this weekend, our girls didn't do much other than jump in it everytime we had it on/inflated!  Even Little Man liked it, which I wasn't sure about, I have found a giant playpen that he can play in while I do garden work! ps. I hate garden work, I grow people, not plants!!

I moved my wrapping paper/easter basket/ hallween bucket/ prize bag/ stuff from one of the upstairs hall closets down to the basement, it now all fits in a box and a wrapping paper bin under my old desk!  In that closet I now have the brooms hanging, vaccuum cleaner, and mop/mop bucket, I love it!  I'm not keeping the mop solution in there though since it'll be opened often to use the brooms and I don't want to worry about the little one's getting into it.

This afternoon my mother-in-law, kids, and myself went to a local hotel pool to swim.  Sweet Pea had a blast swimming in the deep end, playing with her noodle and the ball that was there.  Babydoll was afraid of drowning so would not let me let go of her, even with her "puddle jumper" life jacket thing, but she had a blast too!  And Little Man surprised me big time by fearlessly floating around in his new inflatable turtle!  He had so much fun leaning over the edge of it so his hand could be in the water and splashing himself around the pool (this by the way makes his mommy very nervous as I was convinced he would tip it over and be scared of the water forever). 

Spence and I finished the weekend off by watching the Survivor season finale!  I didn't get everything done today that I wanted to, but I did pretty well!

Oh and Sweet Pea and I both were cast in The Sound of Music for our community theater!  It was Sweet Pea's very first audition and she got in!  She's in the "Melk Abbey Childrens Chorus", and I am Sister Margareta, which I think is perfect because it's been 10 years since I've done any theater and I wasn't feeling ready for a big part after spending all this time rusting away!  I'm happy to be in it, and to have a named role!

That's it for today, gotta straighten up a little and go to bed!!


Anonymous said...

Wow you both got in... I am so glad for you.

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