Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinner Out With the Family

If there was one thing we used to be able to do when we had just one child, that we are not able to do with three children, it is go out for dinner as a family.  Well, actually there are lots of things that are easier with one child than three children, but that's beside the point.

Going out to eat with three kids gets expensive.  Not only do the adult size sandwich basket meals seem to keep getting more expensive, we're also paying for 3 kids dinners, and fending off pleas for dessert.  Last time my kids asked for dessert when we went out for dinner I told them if they started watering the money tree we'd start ordering dessert.  They then asked, "what money tree?" and I responded with, "Exactly."

I was trying to remember the last time the five of us when out to eat, and I can't remember anything since sometime last summer!  For Christmas one of my daycare families gave me a generous giftcard to Davanni's, a pizza place, and we used that giftcard tonight.

You can imagine my excitement at the end of the daycare day when I looked at my cluttered kitchen table and my dirty dishes and realized that I didn't have to take care of any of that before dinner!  Sure it means that I still have a kitchen left to clean tonight, but it gave me an opportunity to relax a little after work.

Even though Little Man was a bit crabby and restless before our pizzas came, it was a wonderful time out as a family.  Everyone got their fill of pizza.  Little Man kept holding up his pizza and saying, "Wow! kejklsdkfnav Wow!" Babydoll ended up with two balloons to blow up and play with while we waited, and Sweet Pea was making bets with Spencer on whether or not she could finish her second huge piece of pizza.  Not one to give in to peer pressure she was only a few bites away from winning before she decided to lose because she didn't want to finish it.  Anyone who knows Sweet Pea's eating habits knows she could have certainly finished 2 big pieces of pizza if she wanted to!

It was a wonderful evening out, and even though I still have a ton to do, I feel a little more refreshed and ready to take it on!

By the way, Davanni's doesn't know me, read my blog, or ask me to blog about them. But if they did ask I would definitely blog about them some more in exchange for free pizza. :o)


CJ said...

Awesomeness! Glad y'all got to have a good night out. :)

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