Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spencer's Tattoo

Spencer got his tattoo Tuesday night!  He's been wanting this particular tattoo on his back since he was a wee little 14 year old boy.  He had set a goal to lose 25 pounds before he would allow himself to get the tattoo, and he did it with the Spike Diet, but then it was a matter of money.  Recently he did a job for a wealthy older lady who tipped him, big!  She nearly paid for the whole tattoo! 

First I should show you where the tattoo came from.  It was a tattoo on a Final Fantasty (video game) character named Red 13. 

Now here it is on Spencer's back (that's his back, Mindee, not his back-end ;)

This is about a minute and a half after getting home from that tattoo place, it's not so slimy looking now :o)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I had thought it might be Final Fantasy inspired, but I'm not familiar enough to have known the character it might have been associated with. Tattoos are awesomeness. I'd so love to go get more. :) Congrats to Spencer for being able to follow his long-held dream! Yay!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Now THAT is an impressive tat!


I am thankful for the placement. ;)

Abby said...


Though I *probably* wouldn't post a pic if it was on his back-side, he definately has a pretty nice one! ;)

Abby said...


I can't commit to a special haircut long enough to actually get it done, let alone a tattoo. I probably wont ever get one.

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