Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Rainbow Stew"

Last week we made Rainbow Stew.  First my preschoolers cut up the "ingredients" at the table, then they put them into the pot, and took them to the kitchen set to stir and cook. 

The preschoolers practiced their cutting skills, trying to make each piece about the same size cutting them from strips of construction paper.  The toddlers worked on color names.  We all counted the strips of each color.  And they had fun role-playing with real kitchen tools and brightly colored "stew ingredients"!

After a couple minutes of cooking and stirring, my daycare boy took some down to the floor to dish up into bowls

He patted it down "Because Rainbow Stew is flat"

Of course Little Man loved the activity too!

Rainbow Stew is bound to spill on the floor, but no worries, they just picked it up and put it back in the pot.

And then served it to me.

They may need some food safety training before they ever work at a restaurant.

I'm also pretty sure thumb-sucking while preparing a meal for other people is also frowned upon.


Prairie Mother said...

Too stinkin' cute!

Laura said...

Abby that is so sweet! What a great idea!

Abby said...

Thanks Ladies!

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