Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tantrum

The tantrum.
Every child, no matter how angelic...

 eventully has them.
My son has been having them every single time he needs his diaper changed. 
It's as if I was taking him to the firing squad, or pulling off his limbs.
Of course, he only does this for me and is fine for Spencer... the lucky poo-head.
He does the whole arched-back, limp body, fall to the floor, crying and shrieking thing every time.  I've tried all my tricks, and the only thing that provides some relief is letting him hold his teddy.  This, however, is not an acceptable option because A) Teddy is only for bedtime and B) Little Man has had too many less-than-fun-to-change-and-very-messy diapers lately and poor Teddy is bound to end up with a poo facial.
I've tried forcing him to walk the whole way, carrying him (getting heavy!), a combination of the two.  I've tried ignoring his screaming, scolding him, singing to him, sweet-talking him, gently holding him down until he stops thrashing so I can change him, and it's getting to me! 
Perhaps I can just stop changing his diapers until Spence gets home at the end of the day? 



Makenzie said...

Poor little man probably doesn't like his photo taken while he is freaking out either, but pretty funny to see! Haha.. oh the joy of parenting! Can't wait :/ eek

Kristine said...

I came across your post reading the comments on I'm not a mom, but I was a nanny and I continue to babysit, so I'll offer a suggestion that has worked for me in the past- obviously, no guarantees, but it's worth a shot! Have you thought about a new toy (something he can't play with all the time) that's special for changing time? It might distract him enough, and then have him put it back so it's there for him to play with next time. And you can certainly choose something made of hard plastic, so if it gets dirty, it can just be dunked in bleach water? Goodluck! I know it's so frustrating!

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I love it when people put up posts that make me appreciate my teenagers. Thanks Abby!

mom said...

Poor little guy. I have no idea what is going on with him. I like the new toy idea. If it doesn't happen to Spencer it is really odd. Try the new toy.
Tell him grandma loves him.

Abby said...

Mak - I can't wait either!

Kristine - thanks for visiting! I've tried that actually, it's one of my usual tricks.. but alas, he wants nothing but teddy. One thing that's helped is letting him use potty chair and changing him there (except when he's poopy) because he loves to wash his hands when he's doen sitting on the potty. It's a novelty to him:o)

Mindee - you're welcome, and I'm sure when my kids are teens you'll crank out a baby to blog about right?

Mom - will do!

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