Friday, March 19, 2010

He No Longer Likes Her

Little Man had his 1-year check up this morning (thursday), it went pretty well.  He's growing at around the same percentile arc that he's been on since he was 2 months old.  He is exactly 20 pounds - 20th percentile, and 29 inches - 25-50th percentile. 

After he was measured, the pediatrician came in to check him over.  I asked her to check his ears for infection, because he's been pulling on and rubbing one of them, and has been pretty whiney (though that has a lot to do with the fact that one of his molars is cutting through).  Sure enough, his left ear is pretty infected, and the right one just has some fluid.  His check up went fine, he's healthy and developing great.

The nurse who had started his appointment and did all the measurments, got lots of smiles from Little Man when she came in the first time.  The second time, however, she was carrying a scary little white basket full of needles and suringes and bandaids and gloves... he remembered what that ment!  He immediately started fussing and climbing up my arm trying to get away from her.  The poor little guy had his hemoglobin checked (finger prick and blood squeezed into a tiny tube), and 3 shots - one in each arm and one leg.  As soon as it was over he started to calm down and ate his cracker while Mommy snuggled him and told him it was ok.  As we were leaving he was smiling again... until we walked past that nurse.  He no longer likes her.


Prairie Mother said...

We had a one year checkup yesterday too! Those poor nurses, how do they stand all those nasty looks babies give them year after year? ha ha Glad to hear Little Man is healthy :)

Makenzie said...

Awww poor guy!!! You always get such great pictures of him!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell you. You may think this all goes by so fast, and believe me it does but when you hear of someone (very close) go through it, it brings the memories right back again. Dr day was always a tough one and then the watch them to make sure all is well hours later. Hope little man is feeling good today and soon forgets the dr day.llh

ps great little white polo.

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