Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wishful Wednesdays

I liked "Why Wednesdays" for a while, but eventually felt like every tuesday night I had to sit and think of complaints, and they had to be in "why" format.  So here's the spin off of "Why Wednesdays", called "Wishful Wednesdays"  I'll put a few of my wishes in the main post, and my hope is that everyone reading will put a few of their wishes in the comments.  Wishes both big and small are welcome!!

~ I wish Little Man would pop those molars through, they're making us both a little batty.

~ I wish I had made my Target template sooner, man was that nice to use while shopping.

~ I wish the mud would dry up soon. 

~ I wish those Peanutbutter cup Easter egg things were healthy, since I ate an entire pack between last night and this afternoon!

~ I wish for lots of comments on my blog.. comments are fun to read! ... eh hem... hint... wink... love ya!

~ I wish that all the pregnant ladies that I know that are getting ready to deliver, a safe, smooth, delivery!


Prairie Mother said...

I wish for lots of blog comments too! ha ha
I wish I had a self cleaning house. I wish my kids lived closer to their grandparents. I wish there were no such thing as Daylight Savings Time, it's made our household cranky. I wish chocolate had the same amount of calories as celery. Great post Abby, it brightened my day!

Shawn said...

I wish I had time to blog, but fear if I started it would be another reason to not do school work!

I wish my kids would listen better!

I wish my 2 month old would sleep through the night, OR my husband would not sleep so hard.

I wish there was more time in the day so I could enjoy my husband and boys a little more each day :)

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