Monday, March 29, 2010

My Friday Night

I mentioned last Friday that I was going to a retreat at our church.  I am currently writing this post Friday night, shortly after the first night of the retreat. 

The first night was more of an ice-breaker, get to know eachother a little better, relax, play, eat, sing, and of course pray.  The night started with a prayer, a song, and a table full, and I mean FULL, of food.  There were sloppy joes, veggie pizzas, crackers with dip, fruit (including chocolate covered strawberries) and a large variety of goodies... can we all say AMEN! 

After loading my plate full of a little of almost everything, I sat back down with a table full of really fun ladies.  We all chatted, made new friends, and had a relaxing dinner!  We ate until we were stuffed and the first game started.  We played "Would You Rather", which took a long time considering there were about 50-60 women there tonight.  "Would You Rather" is a game which you have to answer completely impossible questions, like, "would you rather be in a room with 100 wasps for 1 hour, or sleep in a room with 2 rats for 1 week?"  "Would you rather go through life leaving a constant trail of slime, or constant exhast emissions?"  "Would you rather spend the day with molasses in your underwear, or gravel in your underwear?"  Some questions were funny, some were gross, and some were just plain horrifying!

After the game and a break, it was time for the White Elephant Gift game.  We chose a wrapped gift from the table, opened, and passed around them in a circle - listening to all the "left"s and "right"s in the story that was being told - and ended up with what we ended up with.... I ended up with this..
He's my new little friend, he's made out of coconuts, and he gives me splinters everytime I touch him... I may have to rethink this relationship.

Toward the end of the night, and between songs led by our wonderful worship group, one of the women (I'm so sorry, I forgot her name!!) read a devotion that really spoke to me. One of the women said she'd email it to me, as it didn't print out on their printer.  As soon as I get it I will share it with you here.  Also coming up, hopefully tomorrow, if I can put Twilight down long enough to form a coherent post, I will write about Saturday's events.

Have a great Monday!
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