Monday, March 22, 2010

Pump It Up!

The girls went to a birthday party Saturday night at Pump It Up!  The girls had an amazing time!  Babydoll has just recently braved enough of the playland at Burger King to get to the slide.  She has also just recently been comfortable enough to jump on a trampoline while 4 other girls (all around Sweet Pea's age or older) were jumping on it as well, so I was hopefull that she'd be brave enough to play on the inflatables at the party... and she was!!

If you've never been to Pump It Up before, it's a building full of giant party inflatables!  At the begining of the party the kids watch a 5 minute safety video and go over the rules with one of the staff running the party.  Then the group goes to the first room.  The first room we went in had a giant slide, regular bounce house, and an obstacle course.

This is the bottom of the giant slide, this was the first time Babydoll went down, she was freaked out the first time, but after that she was having a great time!
Here's Sweet Pea at the top of the slide, sorry it's so dark!  I barely got any pictures of her because she was darting from inflatable to inflatable!

Here's Babydoll in the obstacle course

Still in the obstacle course!

Here's a shot of one half of the second room we went in!  That thing at the far end has velcro squares on it, and you have to try to run up it with a velcro flag and get it to stick as high up as you can.  In the middle is an obstacle course/slide combo.

Sweet Pea really liked that velcro wall!

On the other end of the room was a round bouncy thing with a raised middle that wobbled.

They had a fantastic time!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow that place looks really cool!! To be a kid again!

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