Monday, March 8, 2010

Inexpensive Activities for Young Children

A friend of mine asked me last week  for some ideas of inexpensive things to do with young children?  I loved this question!  We all want to do fun things with our kids, but we don't have to spend a bunch of money to do them!  Spence and I are all about free activities and cheap activities that will entertain our kids, so here is a list of things that we like to do with our kids that are either free, or inexpensive.

Trip to the pet store to see the animals
If you're feeling more adventurous, a trip to Como Zoo
Barnes and Noble always entertains our kids
The library
The Park
Set up a scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors, or just make a list of things you're pretty sure they'll find outside and let them go for it!
Chuck E Cheese is inexpensive if you don't eat there, and just buy tokens for them to play the games.  Spencer's mom takes the kids there a lot.
Set up a playdate with another mom with kids around the same age, these are just as good for moms as it is for the kids, if not better!
Take the kids to the craft store, like Michaels, and find the wooden crafts and ceramic crafts.  You can get them for a dollar, buy some paints, go home, and have fun painting together.
Bake cookies together.  You can make sugar cookies and an icing made from powdered sugar and milk, add some food coloring to the icing, and let them paint with new paintbrushes or plastic spoons.

Those are some of my ideas,I've got more but the block-quote button is messing it up when I try to add more, so I'll let you throw some more ideas in!  Do you have any ideas to add to this list?  We'd love to know!


At home with my kiddos said...

Great ideas. Are the blue words supposed to be links? If so they aren't working. :o( Bummer.

Anonymous said...

The humane society rocks! The ones we go to (I would guess all of them have these, but maybe not...?) have a couple of "cat" rooms where you can go in and pet and hold cats and they will always let you take a dog into a dog room or take one for a walk outside (you just need to give them your drivers license so they know you won't run off with the dog. Ha.) We don't have kids, (we just like animals ;) ) but I would bet kids would have fun and its free! :)

Gophermommy said...

We also visit new parks around town too!

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