Friday, March 5, 2010

I Want My Baby Back

   My brain is feeling fried today.  I had an entire day of a cranky Little Man.  A Little Man who woke up this morning at a pretty normal 6:45 and didn't take a nap until 4:15!  I put his cranky self to bed at 9 this morning for his morning nap, but he screamed and cried until I eventually got him up.  I tried SEVERAL times to get him to take a nap today but he just screamed.  At one point today I decided that if I just leave him in there he will eventually give up, lie down, pop his thumb in his mouth, and sleep blissfully for at least 2 hours.  He cried in his crib for over a half hour before I finally got him up again. 
   There's been a bug going around, and judging by the number of dirty diapers he's been having every day, it could be a stomach ache.  He also has a molar on the verge of breaking through, I can see the white bulging gums where his bottom left molar will hopefully soon come through.  I gave him acetaminophen (store brand, who wants to pay the extra 4 bucks for Tylanol brand), offered nuks but he still doesn't want them (he hasn't sucked on a nuk now in at least a few weeks), offered teething toys, cuddled a bunch (didn't mind that except when I had to do something else), he was just a mess.  The way he's rubbing his face on me makes me think sinus infection, but he just got off of antibiotics for an ear infection.  He was down to 2 bottles a day and begining to wean off of formula and on to whole milk, but he's been cranky and wanting bottles of formula, so I'm giving in and giving him the bottles of formula.  I'll get him well again before going back to the weaning. 
I want this baby back
This baby, that smiles all the time and takes decent naps.

One thing I didn't try today was freezing a damp wash cloth for him to chew on, so I'm going to go pop one in the freezer for tomorrow (friday).  Wish me luck please!  If you want to pray for Little Man to feel better so we can see his smiling face more often again it would be appreciated! 


skyddsdrake said...

Aww... Poor kiddo. =/ *Sending positive vibes*

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