Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Man's First Three Days of Life

This is Little Man in the hospital.  We haven't ordered the hospital-taken pics since Sweet Pea was born, we manage better on our own.  With Little Man we completely refused to have them even try to take his picture, what was the point, we were getting good pics on our own, while the hospital photographer just sets up a camera over their face and shoots as soon as their eyes open (if they open at all).  My recommendation, unless you've got someone really good doing the pictures, someone who is going to do more than just point it at their face and click the button when baby's eyes open, take them yourself while you're spending every minute of the days and nights next to your baby!

This was taken within a couple hours of birth.

Picture of Spencer with tiny baby Little Man in the hospital.  We really enjoyed our 3 days with just him and us bonding in the hospital.

Terribly blurry picture of Sweet Pea holding him, but it's the only one where she is smiling naturally and you can see her face.  She is a very proud super-big sister!

Look how his big sisters lovingly try to comfort him when he started crying!  They are SO SO great with him! 

Just got home from the hospital

Babydoll holding her baby brother on his first day home.  Look at that face!

I am really enjoying this trip down memory lane, I hope you're enjoying it with me!


Laura said...

What a precious little boy you have! They grow SO fast. Mine will be a year old in June. I can't believe it! :)

P.S. I stopped by from Marriage Confessions. :)

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