Monday, March 1, 2010

Not One of the Cool Kids

When you have three children, one of which is a baby, you don't get out as a couple very often.  We are incredibly lucky and blessed to have a lot of family nearby who love to watch our little ones, but we don't want to ask them all the time and push it.  So most weekends we don't go anywhere.  Maybe you're one of those cool people who get to go out and party on a Saturday night, but we're not.  Saturday night at our house can consist of renting a movie from the Red Box or Comcast On Demand, watching movies we already have, watching movies on cable, or playing video games (spencer) and blogging (me).  Tonight I threw in an added trip to the grocery stores, and you know what? I like grocery shopping on a Saturday night!
  First I had to hop over to Cub because they had a rediculous sale on canned vegetables that I couldn't ignore.  I was able to park just two spaces back from the handicap spots, there was hardly anyone there, and almost no line at the checkout!  After paying for my canned items, cake mix, and kleenex, I left for Target.  I do most of my grocery shopping at Target... I do almost ALL of my shopping at Target.   I pulled into the Target parking lot and found a similar scene to the one at Cub, but even better.  Target was dead, fewer people there (at least in the grocery section) than at Cub, and I went about my merry way.  If you want to go grocery shopping in your PJ's and no makeup (I was dressed and did have my makeup on... this time) then Saturday night is the time to do it.  Your chances of running into someone you know... one of those cool people who have lives... are greatly reduced. 
   I can't tell you how many times I've needed to run to the store when I didn't have makeup on and my hair was not really done and I was wearing the sweatpants I slept in the night before (don't get grossed out, I shower at night), and I run into someone I know.  Sometimes that someone I know is someone I haven't seen in about 10 years, in which case I try my best to avoid actually running into them and look the other way as much as possible so they don't go back to where ever they go and report that, "you remember Abby? I saw her at Target today and she looked like she'd been mugged on her way home from surgery and a month of insomnia! Yikes!"  Um... no thanks.  I'd rather run into them some other time when I've actually spent 10 minutes or more getting myself ready. 
   So no, I'm not cool, I don't go out and party every weekend or most weekends, I don't spend 2 hours primping myself up to go out on Saturday night with my husband for a night on the town.  I watch movies and tv and blog and clean.  I do this because I have three wonderful, funny, sweet, amazing children that I would rather tuck in to bed at night myself than have someone else do it most weekends.  I would rather know I'm right down the hall from them if they have a nightmare about snakes or dinosaurs or the movie Coraline (all true nightmares).  I would rather save my babysitting family members for times when I really need or want a babysitter.  So maybe I'm not one of the "cool" twenty-somethings that I know, and like, but I'm the mother of three kids who have my heart day in and day out, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Gopher Mommy said...

Nor am I! I love being home on the weekends. My nights and weekends are for my family!

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