Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Man at 6 Months Old

No matter how hard I try to believe he's not turning one on Saturday, he is.  I never really got why parents held on to their "baby"'s baby stage.  Why not be excited for them to grow up, and see the next stage of their little lives?  I would cheer on my baby's developmental milestones and look forward to the next one, wanting to get to the next stage sooner. 

Things are different with Little Man.  I know he's my baby, at least as far as we're planning at the moment, he's my baby.  Once he's left infancy, I'll be done raising my own infant.  I know he's still a baby, but when he's no longer a baby, I wont be able to say things like, "My baby walked for the first time today!" or "I love my baby boy's big sloppy kisses and sweet precious baby hugs!".   I find myself hanging on to his infancy for dear life.  When he finally started pulling up on things completely on his own, I was excited for him and relieved he was finally doing it, but at the same time my heart broke just a little.  This is the kind of feeling that makes mommies want to do it all over again and have more kids! Holding newborns will also do it to us!  (then we have a rough night with our kids waking up, and that feeling goes away for 5.8 days) 

So in the spirit of my baby's upcoming birthday (gulp) here are more pictures.  These were taken right around the 6-month mark.

This is Little Man with Daddy, gearing up for the Vikings game!

Don't all 6-month-olds play with swords?

This is the day he was baptised.  This is the best baptism photo I have of him. 
He was cutting his first teeth, and every photo we took he either had his tongue sticking out (feeling his bottom teeth) or his hand in his mouth.  I was bummed we didn't get the best shots, but the pictures weren't what made the day special.

Attempt at a family photo after his baptism.  We tried ;o)

Just hanging out in the living room playing with his friends.

He is such a special little boy, and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased or anything!
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