Friday, January 1, 2010

My First Blog Post

I'm surrounded by children and I love it! My husband Spence and I have 3 kids, Mikayla (blog nickname Sweet Pea)-seven, Isabelle (Babydoll)-three, and Connor (Little Man)- my baby boy. On top of that I run a daycare in my home called Caring Heart Child Care. I currently take care of four children other than my "bio kids" and love them all!

 I thank God daily for the gifts he has given me, those three kids are my life!  When I look at my children, it's like seeing my heart walking around outside of my body doing some adorable, funny, crazy, loving stuff. So I feel so thankfull for the parents of my daycare kids who lend me their walking, talking, loving little hearts for the day while they go to work, and the children for trusting me as well to take care of and love them, and make their days good. 
This is not to say, of course, that every moment of every day with all these kids is sunshine and gumdrops... that would mean I would have to be living in my own little world right?  No, they can spice things up from time to time for sure, but they never hold grudges, they always forgive, and I never stop loving them.
Who knows what all I'll end up blogging about here, but you can bet it'll have a lot to do with the little rugrats that inhabit my life/house/time/heart.  Probably some to do with my hubby Spence, and maybe my cat, or dog that likes to chew inappropriate things and refuses to walk on wet grass (but has no problem with ice cold snow... go figure).  Hopefully I'll figure out the ins and outs of this blog thing and get some pictures up.... hopefully.  Bare with me if anyone ever reads this!


skyddsdrake said...

Sounds like good times. :) I look forward to reading. :)

Makenzie said...

Hey, I look forward to reading the daily blogs in the loving house of toys and stuff. It is good to hear from the one who truely loves their job. Rare to come by.


Jeni said...

Yay I can post a comment!

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