Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Why Wednesday"

   Remember last week when I hinted at a new weekly feature?  Well it's here!  This helpful (I'm using the term very loosely here) little feature is called "Why Wednesday" and is a place for us to vent/complain about the little things, or big things, that are bugging us this week.  It's sort of a spin off of McMama's Not Me Mondays.  I'll post a couple of "Why"s and then let you take it from there in the comment section.  Go ahead and spill.. but lets keep it clean people :o)

   Why must my 3 year old daughter constantly suck on a chunk of her hair? gross! And then she complains that it hurts when I brush her hair.

   Why must all my hard work and motivation come to a grinding halt and completely fall apart when I get even a moderate illness?

   Why is it that when I watch Lost at night I have night-long dreams about being on an island with crazy people and weird creatures.

   Why do I need to do my makeup everyday?  who am I kidding... half the time I don't wear any makeup anymore.

   Why don't people realize they have an entire lane to merge onto the highway and instead sit there blocking up traffic, waiting for a "break" in the cars?

You're turn!!


skyddsdrake said...

Why do you feel the need to tell people to keep it clean? Ohhhhh, right. Because you know I'm reading. =P I'll try to remember. :)

Jeni said...

I like Why Wednesday!

Why must my 3 year old request the watch the same "Veggie Tales" epesode everyday when we have 25 to pick from?

Why do I stay up untill 11:30 at night (or later) when I couldn't keep my eyes open a few hours earlier?

Why can't I find Berry Berry Kix at any grocery shore anymore?

Why do small children keep repeating the same statement until you look at them and say "Oh Really? That's intersting"?

Abby said...

skyddsdrake: haha, there are others that might be more "colorful" than this particular blog can handle :o) funny

Jeni: your last one made me laugh, or when they say, "mommy mommy mommy mommy" 5 million times before you even have time to take a breath to respond to them!

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to work five days before we get two off.

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