Friday, January 22, 2010

Off to Mexico, In Our Imaginations That Is

   Because I like pictures of eyes I took one of Babydoll's eyes today.  Now I just need to get one of Sweet Pea's eyes and I'll have them all.  Wow, that sounded a little weird.
She has always had the most beautiful eyes, from the time she was born they were a fabulous feature on her.

   I feel a little guilty that Sweet Pea has only one picture on here, it's just that she's at school all day and I tend to take pictures during the day, and since I'm not putting my daycare kids' pictures on this site that leaves just BD and Little Man.  We went to see Sesame Street Live on Sunday (yep, missed the Vikings game) and there are plenty of pictures of Sweet Pea there, but tonight is not the night for that post. 
   Back to our world travels in daycare... Today was about Mexico!  We told each other "Hola Amigo" throughout the day, spoke more Spanish than usual today, and I whipped out the Sombrero and Maracas so we could sing about pinatas and dance.

   We looked up pictures of Mexican pottery and intended on using playdough to make our own versions of Mexican pottery, but the kids had more fun dancing and singing and playing outside... and since I'm not a strict schedule follower we danced, sang, and played outside.  We discussed how it snows here in the winter but not in Mexico, talked about Mexican food and families, and practiced counting groups of 10 in Spanish.  Want to hear something cute? I asked them, "The language we're speaking is Spanish, if we're speaking Spanish what country are talking about?"  They answered, "Dora".  I thought it was cute, kids say the darndest things.  We also of course did our standard letter and number practice, calendar, weather, preschool math games, and all that good stuff... it's just not as fun to blog about :o)
   Hey look, I do have a recent picture of Sweat Pea!  BD was taking pictures this morning with my camera and snapped a photo of SP bouncing on a big ball.

   On a side note, this post was a bit late due to the fact that we are currently watching season 5 of Lost since when it was airing on regular TV we were getting caught up on seasons 1-4.  That catching up involved 4 weeks of late late nights watching back to back episodes during my maternity leave last spring.  It all came back to me tonight when we were interupted by Little Man waking up (which he rarely does at night).  I told Spence that it would be Lost if Little Man didn't wake up at least once!  Hopefully I can get through this season without waking up from bizarre dreams about people living on an island with other strange people and even stranger creatures/phenomena. 
   I'm also thinking of starting a new weekly feature on my blog starting next wednesday, once I decide to do it and probably get a first post started for it, I'll let you know what it is!  Oooo the mystery of it all, I'm sure you can barely contain yourself with all the suspense!  Ha ha.... right.

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