Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How it all turned out

   Despite my refusal to look online for a recipe involving chicken and orange marmalade (I know there are plenty of them out there) because it would take too long to find something that I could make without going to the grocery store, dinner turned out pretty good!  It tasted orangy, but not  too strong.  Even though it was practically boiling in juice it could have been a little more moist.  How could I have turned that orange juice/white grape juice/orange marmalade into a sauce to eat the chicken with?  I have a hard time eating white meat without a sauce or dip of some sort, so I broke out the ranch.  It was good with ranch, but only a tiny bit of ranch or it overpowered the orange flavor.


skyddsdrake said...

Looks tasty. As for dipping sauce, I would have boiled some of the marmalade with a bit of orange juice and sugar and rendered it down into the right consistency. (I agree... I can't just eat straight white meat unless it's grilled... Even then I'd rather dip than not. =P )

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