Monday, January 4, 2010

Something Amazing

   This is "Babydoll".  She's three years old and she's awesome!  Her most recent achievement is that she can now get her coat completely zipped up without anyone helping her get it started!  Mommy sure appreciates this time saver!
   Something amazing happened the other day.  Babydoll saw me doing dishes (playing with a scrubber in soapy water to her) and asked, "Can I scrub your dishes?"  My mind immediately flashed back to "I need to get these kids some jobs around the house" and all of the other times when I thought when can my daughters start doing the dishes for me?  I got her a chair and gave her the yellow and green scrubber and the dirty cookie sheet and she went to town!  She spent about 15 minutes on that cookie sheet and had a wonderful time!  Sure she didn't get all the food off of it and I had to touch it up later that night but hey, she had fun doing dishes.  While Babydoll was doing dishes Sweet Pea asks if she can do the dishes too!  It told her that BD was washing the only dirty dish right now and that she can do it the next day.  SP held me to it too, the next day she wanted some dirty dishes, a sink full of warm soapy water, and that yellow and green scrubber.  Mommy was in heaven!  My daughters have since begun arguing over who's turn it was to do the dishes, but not in the typical "It's not my turn, I did them last night, it's her turn" way, they actually enjoy it... for now :o)  I know this wont last forever, just like the clean bedroom never lasts forever, but I'm sure going to enjoy it while it does!


Jeni said...

My daughter loves to help to. Infact I usually have 2 screaming children unless I allow them to help me sweep the floor. So that means that we have 3 brooms in the broom closet!

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