Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 AM has been looking very familiar

  I'm getting a whole lot done, but I'm so exhasted.  I've been up till at least 1:00 AM all but one night in the last 10 days!  I'm tired, I'm cold, and sick of winter.  It's too cold to play outside, it's too cold to sit in the barely heated basement where I currently have to go to use the computer, and all the hot coffee in the world doesn't seem to warm or wake me up completely.  I'm going to sleep in tomorrow while my husband Spencer gets up with the kids, think about going to Karate late morning, and feel rested and ready for company tomorrow afternoon!  It's going to be a fun weekend, great friends coming over to play, neither of us have to work, blogging anytime of day I want, church (haven't made it in a few weeks), and a fabulous dinner at my parents to celebrate my 28th birthday!  I'll get some sleep now and dream about a tropical paradise somewhere, where they bring me Caribou for one hand and a margarita for the other!


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