Monday, January 11, 2010

Smoke, Pine-Sol, Macaroni, and Spaghetti, with a dash of Glee

  What a nice weekend this has been!  I did indeed sleep in on Saturday, cleaned the house, and finally put Christmas stuff away in preparation for friends coming over Saturday night.  
  We had a couple mini disasters on Saturday.  I was getting an early start on The Pioneer Woman's "Fancy Macaroni" by getting a pot of water boiling and cooking some of the parts ahead of time.  While waiting for the water to come to a boil I went downstairs to start vacuuming up dog and cat hair.  Spencer calls down that something is burning, which I figure is his way of saying that the water is boiling and maybe there's something on the burner making a lovely burning smell.  I went upstairs to add my macaroni noodles and find the house filling up with a nasty chemical smelling smoke.  I run into the kitchen half expecting to see fire or something and find smoke coming from the bottom of the pot.  I took the pot off the burner and poured the water down the drain so I could figure out what was going on.  The bottom of the pot was completely burnt and so was the little metal bowl thing under the electric burner (what's that thing called? must still be tired!).  I threw that stuff outside to get rid of the source of the smell and decided to wait an hour or so before using the stove againI still don't know what happened there.
  After that excitement my daughter Sweet Pea volunteered to mop the floors.  She loves mopping the floors, and I don't care if she misses spots... she's seven after all, so I filled the mop bucket and let her have at it.  Something happened while I was cleaning the bathroom and I came out to find Sweet Pea staring in shock at the mop bucket tipped over with Pine-Sol water pouring over the kitchen floor and under the fridge!  I freaked out a bit and started yelling for towels, but we eventually got the water cleaned up and the floor was just a bit cleaner for it.  I decided right then and there to stop trying to multitask for the afternoon and just finish my cleaning and then start dinner.
  Our friends came over in time for a very tasty dinner, and we enjoyed letting our kids play together for the first time in several months.  Dinner was enjoyed, video games were played (Modern Warfare 2 was the entertainment for the guys), children played and slumber-partied, and refreshingly adult conversation was had.  We had a wonderful time with our friends, which were two of the "awesome people" mentioned in this post

Here's a picture of the kids together

The girls getting ready to go to sleep... yeah, they didn't stay this way for long!

   We didn't make it church today, Babydoll wouldn't have made it through after being up past 10:00 slumber-partying. Sweet Pea had a playdate, and Babydoll played with her Dad, brother, and me until it was time to go to my parents house for dinner.  My dad made a fantastic spaghetti dinner with Texas Toast and salad.  Sweet Pea played on my sister's computer, BD and Spence took turns playing my mom's Nintendo DS, and I took a much needed nap in the recliner!  We had a great time and when it was time to go we listened to my brand new Glee soundtrack on the way home.
  It was a great weekend, and a nice way to spend my last couple days as a 27 year old, because as of this morning I am 28 years old.  Thanks again Mom and Dad for bringing me into the world 28 years ago!


Jeni said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!

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