Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Happy Birthday Indeed

   What more could a girl ask for!  What a great birthday I had yesterday!  It was nice outside so I was able to get the kids out to play in the snow, they had so much fun sledding in the backyard!  My best friends Jeni and Chris gave me a set of really comfy and soft sweats from Aeropostle which I wore as I played Musher and Sled Dogs with the kiddos in the living room.  The musher stands behind the person being the sled dog and holds their shoulders.  To make the "dog" go they say, "Hike" and to make the dog stop they say, "Woah".  This went on for quite a while.  When it was my turn to be the sled dog, I wasn't very well behaved and tended to run crazy making my mushers chase me to keep up... they got a kick out of it :o)   Nap time started late due to the outdoor fun and lasted quite a while, giving me plenty of time to relax, do projects, and enjoy some quiet time on my birthday.  For dinner we went to Spencer's parents house where our daughters helped make me a birthday fish dinner.
Spence had taken the girls over there early to get started on their cooking and baking (they made me cupcakes!)  When I got over there with Little Man after work they were coloring.  Making cupcakes is hard work and they needed a break!

Here's Sweet Pea, she got frustrated with me trying to get a "natural" smile out of her, so gave up and went with silly :o)

My husband Spencer and Little Man

My presents that my kids got me!  Inside were peanut butter chocolates, caramel popcorn, and a Chuck Norris calendar from Spence... apparently he got to make me laugh... it worked!

I'm disappointed that I forgot to get pictures of the cupcakes they made me!  They were red velvet with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.  They went nuts with the candles..."Girls...Mommy is not 37 years old!"  Want to know what else I got for my birthday?  You do?!  Alright, I'll share...

Glee is one of my favorite shows this year!  I love the music, the comedy, and it makes me wish we had a show choir in high school!  I was pretty happy to get the CD!  The cd is sitting on a potato bag, you put potatoes or tortillas in it to cook/heat in the microwave.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will just as soon as I go buy some potatoes.

This was a gift from one of my daycare parents.  They know I'm a Caribou junky!

One of the quickest ways to my heart is through the drive through at this place right here!

Speaking of which, my local Caribou actually gave me a free drink for my birthday!  Little old me!  They don't do this for just anyone, you have to be completely devoted to their coffee.  Or maybe they send coupons for free birthday drinks to anyone who's registered on their email list.  I prefer to think I'm special :o)

My main and most exciting birthday present by FAR though?  My husband got my parents, his parents, and our sisters to go in with him on my birthday present.

    Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it was wonderful!


Jeni said...

I'm so happy that you had a wonderful birthday! I love your new lap top!!!! How exciting. It's a perfect gift for the new blogger.

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