Saturday, January 2, 2010

My "Non-Resolution" 2010 To-Do List

   I don't do New Years resolutions, haven't in a few years (see the "toys" post about that one) because I think a year to accomplish something is just too long for my motivation to hold out.  So perhaps smaller short term goals are what I really need. Like monthly goals, break that down to weekly goals.  A "To Do" list of sorts. 

   So what should I start my 2010 "to do" list with?  Organize toys (probably going to need to break that down into more specific steps), organize paper work, organize bills and finances, bathe my son more than once a week, bathe myself more than once a week (haha, just checking to see if anyone's paying attention!), get in better shape, achieve my gold belt in Karate by the end of the month, spend more time outdoors as a family (the dog needs it too), watch less reality TV, watch more Grey's Anatomy :o).  I think I'll start with that.

   Please dont judge me too harshly, I'm going out on a limb here and baring my soul/mess for the sake of self improvement.  Here are some pictures of the areas where toys need better organization.

This picture and the next one are taken in the living room/ daycare playroom. This is after my daughters picked up the living room.

Not too bad right? Just needs a little straightening up. The bins at one point were the clear bins from Target and the lids are stacked ever so helpfully under the bins.

Here we go... Little Man's closet. He's 9 months old and he doesn't have much stuff, so his closet has become (for now anyway) a storage closet for toys that either don't fit in my daughters' room, or are daycare toys awaiting the next rotation. needs work.

Brace yourself!!
This is our daughters' room.  They share this room, and it's not very big.  We tell them to go clean up their room and everything gets pushed into all sorts of evil little corners and nooks and cranies.  Obviously though this is not one of those days, they haven't lifted much of a finger in here for weeks.  I clean it myself from time to time and it will look spotless for 4-5 days max, and that's with a reward sticker chart prompting them to keep it clean!

turn a little to the left and you see... this

turn a little more to the left and you see their closet.  For the love of Pete please help me!

   For obvious reasons the daycare kids aren't allowed in this room, it can't handle any more kids in it, and it's just not an acceptable place to play.  Since I've decided that it works way better to break up these things into workable chunks lets start with January. Achieve gold belt, organize toys, work on getting in better shape. I think those three things will be a good start, and who knows, maybe I'll chip away at the others while I'm at it.

   If you have kids (or even if you don't) and you can relate to any of this, please make me feel better and tell me about your messes.  I have others than these, but I'm working on toys this month so that's all I'm going to focus on for now.  If you are an amazing organizer and know exactly what to do here, please tell me that too!!  


skyddsdrake said...

I don't have kids... I tend to be an anti-packrat and organizational nazi. I'm not even over-exaggerating. My husband, on the other hand, who was living as a bachelor for several years before I moved in just a couple months ago on the other hand... Yeah. We have some... compromising... to do. *Sigh* Gods bless him... I love him... but, holy shit.

It doesn't help, of course, that we have combined the stuff we both have into a small loft apartment really only meant for one person. >.< The place is a mess. Not because we haven't been working on it, but because there simply isn't room. We hope to move sometime in the next few months, but I need a permanent full-time job first, so we'll see. In the meantime, this is what we're doing:

Using every inch of storage space... This includes going "up." Bookshelves galore, storing things on shelves in the closets... Wallspace is one of the least used storage resources. It can be used pretty easily and cheaply, too, if you happen to have a home improvement store and a stud-finder. Brackets and flat planks can create a shelving space in almost no time, and they're pretty sturdy if you anchor them in wall studs.

Secondly... reduce what you have to organize. Granted, you're not going to be like me and clean yourself out of everything but essentials... but more often than not there ARE things you know you and the kids will never use again. Why hold on to it? Have a garage sale, or drop it off at Goodwill. Why create more work for yourself than there has to be? Get the kids involved, even. Tell them you're donating toys for kids that can't afford lots of toys of their own...

Just a couple suggestions. *Shrugs*

Jeni said...

I love to read your blog. Keep it coming. I think the best thing you could do is get rid of as much as you can. There is just too much in those small spaces. All toys must easily fit in the toy bins you have. Nothing overflowing and nothing sitting on the floor next to the box. All the extra toys that you keep should be boxed away and in the basement. You can rotate them in later.

Then start working on the kids and their ablilty to put things where they go. Have specified clean up times several times a day. And require them to pick up ABSOLUTLY EVERYTHING at those times as well as when they move on to another activity. (i.e. From legos to kitchen)

Good luck I know that is the hardest part. If it were just you the toys would always be where they should be! Tell the kids that things are going to change and be a stickler. They will learn to play more neatly if they are the ones picking up the mess.

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