Friday, January 22, 2010

Sesame Street Live

   What did we do last Sunday?  Did we meet up with a bunch of friends and watch the football game? Nope.  Did we stay home eating chicken wings, drinking beer, and watching the football game? Nope.  Did we go to the Metrodome to watch the Vikings play on their home field?  Nope, we went to the Target Center and saw Sesame Street Live!  Did we have a good time?  You bet!  We didn't tell the girls where we were going, trying to keep the suspense alive and all, so they had been making their guesses all morning.  Sweet Pea guessed various places like the movie theater, Texas, Chuck E Cheeses, New York, Disney World,  the cabin.  It was really quite entertaining letting her guess! 
   After dropping Little Man off at my parents' house to play with Grandma and Grandpa (he wouldn't have made it sitting there that long) we hit the road PLENTY early expecting some possible downtown traffic trouble.
here the girls are, clueless as to what's going on

Remembering that I hadn't been taking many pictures of SP lately, I told her to smile.

Spencer finds it hilarious to fake that he's sleeping at the wheel and then wake up startled, sometimes swirving a little (if there are no cars around)

There was no traffic what so ever in Minneapolis at that point, as a matter of fact, we had a hard time at one point finding any moving cars/people at all. It was like a ghost town down there! Because we were there early and before the doors even opened, we parked ourselves down on the floor and drank some of our Diet Dr. Pepper and juice packs.

Good product placement there honey, now if we can just get Dr. Pepper sent to us by the truck load we'll be good to go!

When the doors were going to be opening we finally told the girls what we were going to do, Babydoll was excited but confused, and Sweet Pea was happy, but not as excited as we were hoping for.  Once we were able to go find our seats, we headed in and got comfortable.

The girls were happy about their spinny-lightup-elmo thing

Babydoll is really excited for it to start, can you tell?

Look what I got!

Elmo and Abby Kadabby

Babydoll had a great time!

Sweet Pea was bored and told us that unless it's Disney On Ice, or Princesses on Ice, not to take her next time!  Just after this picture she took a nap on my shoulder.


Jeni said...

OK a few things... 1)I love the picture of you all enjoying Dr Pepper. 2)That looks like so much fun. AND 3) LOL at Sweet Pea!!!!

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