Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Tackled Little Man's Closet

   Back a few weeks ago I had made it my mission to get the toys organized (among other things in my life) as they have taken over my house.  Honestly, they took over my house 7 years ago when my oldest daughter was born and we experienced our first Christmas with children.  When you have a daycare in your home, as part of your living space, organizing toys/getting rid of toys becomes quite different than typical parents.  If I didn't have a daycare I would currently be getting rid of all my boppy pillows, bouncy seats, small-sized pack and plays, and would soon be getting rid of bunches more!  I would, since my last baby... as far as we know of the future... is a boy, I would have gotten rid of barbies, dolls, and other girly-type things (though I am adiment that little boys have every right to play with barbies and dolls if they feel like it) when my girls tired of them.  Instead I pass them on to the daycare, making it really difficult to get rid of "extra" toys.  So there's my excuse, or... um... reason, for the excess toys.  Now, on to what I did over the weekend before I got sick and slept through the football game.

Remember this?  Little Man's closet, where "extra" toys are currently being stored?

Yikes that's scary!  As you can see the closet is unable to contain the madness.

Now look...

What you can't see here is that I've gone ahead and put together a very small pile of  "extras" that I have realized I don't need, and they are going to whoever wants them or goodwill.  There's a bouncy seat that doesn't vibrate or play music like it's supposed to (not sure if I can actually give that to goodwill), a Snugli infant carrier that none of my babies and I got the hang of, so it barely got used, and I don't need to keep it, and a couple more odds and ends.  After I got the closet better organized (it's not perfect, but hey.... I'M not perfect either!) I was able to really clean LM's room for the first time in weeks.

See what little boys can do when they have a nice clean floor to play on?

They play with the legos they got for Christmas!  And by "play" I mean smack them around the room. :o)

I can tell he appreciates it.


Jeni said...

Love the cute pictures of Little Man. He is always so smiley!!! You're a lucky mommy.

Way to go taking on the crazy closet. Now you can shut those doors and only open it when you need to rotate toys. I bet it feels great to know that it is clean behind those doors! I know my house feels cleaner when my cupboards are vacuumed and straightened :o)

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