Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Oldest Girl is Awesome Part 1

My oldest daughter is Awesome!  This has been a big weekend for her.  Friday night she graduated to her Gold belt in karate!  We got there early so we could buy her hand and foot pads and karate bag.  As soon as her group was able to go out on the mat she started warming up with the other kids on their own.

Her push-ups are 10 times better than mine!

Practicing her self-defense moves

Then they got stuff started for the parents.  First some organized aerobic warm-ups.

Running in place.

Jumping Jacks

Lets show your parents your karate moves.  Are you ready?
Yes Sir!!!


After showing off their kicks, punches, chops, 1-steps, and self-defense techniques, it was time for their new belts.

We are very proud of her!

Now bow

And get your graduation certificate.

After graduation we took the kids out to Broadway Pizza for a celebratory dinner... the girls got personal cheese pizzas, Little Man ate cheerios and a bottle, and Spencer and I got a buffalo chicken pizza... it was pretty spicy, but Ranch calmed it down and it tasted good.

First we have Sweet Pea

Me and Little Man

Me and Sweet Pea

Spencer and Babydoll

Spencer and SP

Part 2 is coming up next, but first, a message from our sponsers (not really, I don't have sponsers, just really cool advertisments)


Anonymous said...

SP looks like she is eally enjoying herself. Very self motivated. Love your blue-eyed troop.

Makenzie said...

So sad i couldnt have gone!!

Jeni said...

I love your new background. It is so pretty. Does that website have a matching banner? I copied my banner into powerpoint and typed by title on it. Chris helped me out with that one...obviously :o)

Abby said...

Thank Jeni, I didn't find a matching banner, but I'm ok with that, I think the title looks nice with this background. I have one edited to have my blog title already (different background/banner theme) that I might try here, but not now... don't want the headache! :o)

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