Monday, January 18, 2010

Can I scratch today from the record and pretend it never happened?

    First off I've decided on blog names for my kiddos.  My 7 year old daughter will be referred to as "Sweet Pea" as per her request, my 3 year old daughter is "Baby Doll", and my 10 month old son is "Little Man".
   ((edited at later date, older posts have been updated with these nicknames))
   I love my job, I really do, other than professional musical theater I can't think of another job I'd want.  Most days go smoothly, the kids are in a good mood and play nicely together, routines go as planned for the most part, outdoor play or large muscle indoor play cures any hyperactive behavior.  I know what I'm doing when it comes to discipline and generally have a firm but gentle, authoritative but loving control over the children in my care.  I don't think I was quite ready this morning for the day to start, however, and it didn't get off on the right note.  Major arguments broke out (that were resolved and ended with happy hugs), there was some hitting, tantrums, tears, and general unruly behavior.  Every single person in the house was cranky today and it made for a long day!  I felt like I would finally be able to breath deeply once all my kids were in bed tonight, but even that didn't go quite as planned.  I put Little Man to bed at about 6:40 because he was quite tired at that point, and then left to do some grocery shopping. Spencer would handle bed time with Baby Doll and finish up homework with Sweet Pea and I would come home at 7:30, hang out with Sweet Pea for a little while and get her to bed at 8:00.  That plan almost worked out except that about 10 minutes before I got home Little Man woke up, apparently thinking he was just taking a nap, and my quiet evening would have to wait.  I gave Little Man the rest of his bottle from earlier that evening and after a good burp he went back to bed at about 7:50.  SP went to bed just fine 10 minutes later, and I finally got to settle in for the evening.
   After catching up on recordings of Desperate Housewives, Legend of the Seeker, and Chuck, it's now 11:15 and I have some serious prep work to do for tomorrow.  I am bound and determined to make tomorrow a better day which will probably mean staying up late tonight and waking up early so I can have a few more minutes to myself before my kids wake up and the troops arrive for the day.  Activities must be planned, the house must be picked up, and I will NEED to have my coffee before I let anyone up or open my doors at 7:00.  Wish me luck, tomorrow is another day, and it WILL go well!


Jeni said...

Wow I've had days like that. What was there a full moon out?!? Seems silly how else would everything go wrong? Good luck tomorrow. Here's hoping the kids are good and your coffee is strong!

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